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Christmas Holidays

12/10/2012 15:18

To all Maroon and White Realty Tenants,

We would like to thank everyone for doing business with us and look forward to continuing that in the future as well as wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.� With the holiday season comes a scenario that all of you need to be aware of however.

It is very important to remember that upon leaving for the Christmas and New Year Holidays that everyone be conscious of the fact that most break-ins occur during this time of year.� All burglars know that this time of year is when all the students and tenants go to their respective homes and as such they know that it is an opportune time to vandalize or burglarize rental property.� We ask that everyone make sure to lock all doors, windows, and garages.� We also would encourage everyone to close all blinds or window treatments to inhibit those from being able to see what is inside the property.� In addition, everyone is advised to remove specialty items or those personal belongings that are overly expensive and/or not replaceable from the property during this time of year.� It would also be recommended to leave a few small lights or lamps on inside the unit so it looks as if someone is currently at home.

While this has not been an overly burdensome problem for our tenants in the past we feel as though it is a warranted notice on our part to inform you of the possibility.�

Thank you again and we hope that your holiday season is a pleasant one.


Due to our system, if you received this notice and are not currently a Maroon and White tenant just simply delete or ignore this email.� DO NOT send us a reply indicating that you no longer live with us as we already know this.� It is simply a system malfunction and can not be avoided.

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