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To All New Tenants

09/06/2018 10:36

Welcome to Maroon and White Realty!


A few things to make note of as we get asked these questions quite frequently.

1.  We do not provide pest control as indicated in your lease.  If you have issues with roaches/spiders/mice etc and all the other creepy crawlies who live in our world with us we have found that Bengal Roach spray works very well and glue traps for the mice.  You are also more than welcome to contact any pest control company as well at your own expense.

2.  When setting up your account online you MUST NOTIFY us once you've completed the Register portion so we can start your online lease if you'd like to pay via the online portal. 

3.  If you make payments via the office in the form of check/money order (WE DON'T TAKE CASH) then there is no way the online system can know of that payment.  This means that if you pay in the office (WHICH IS COMPLETELY ACCEPTABLE) you will NOT be able to check your balance via the online portal.  Due ot the amount of time required we can not delete invoices once their generated so just make sure that you make a note of this.

4.  All maintenance items must be submitted via the support ticket function found on the website.

We look forward to having you all rent from us for the next year!

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