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Christmas/New Years Break

12/04/2015 10:40

With the finals and Christmas season approaching it is very important for everyone to remember.

1.  If and when you leave to go visit family you will need to ensure that the best way to protect your personal belongings is to take what you can with you.  There will undoubtedly be break-ins that happen over the Christmas break as thiefs know that is when most people are not home.  Make sure to check all windows and doors when you leave to make sure they are properly secured.  Don't leave any items of great value in plain view.  Close all blinds/curtains to make it harder for them to see what's inside the home.  If you do come back and have had a break in the first call needs to be to the Sherriffs office or the Starkville PD depending on where you live.  

2.  As you have all noticed the weather is getting much colder.  It is very important that the tenant make every attempt to keep freeze related issues from occuring especcially if you will not be at the home for an extended period of more than a day.  The best protector of this is to leave the heat on.  You will not need to leave it over 65 degrees as this is an adequate temperature to keep any pipes from bursting.  You do not have to but another way to protect from this would be to leave a faucet dripping very slowly.  This action is completely optional while the heat being left on is mandatory.  

We want to thank all of you for your renting with us and your business in the future!

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